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a serviced caravan is a safe caravan

There is a lot more to servicing caravan than just bearings and brakes! Our team of caravan technicians will ensure all Silicone seals are tight and waterproof. All Gas Connections are tight and leak free and much more! Our 12 month annual servicing includes – wheels, brakes, and bearings – these will be checked and serviced

  • Tyres and wheels inspected – re-tensioned to 100LBS
  • Springs and shackles checked for wear and chassis checked for fractures
  • All moving components inspected
  • Full inspection of body components
  • Coupling re-tensioned to 100LBS
  • External traffic lights and wiring connections inspected
  • Water tank mountings and hoses inspected
  • Handbrake cable adjustment and effectiveness checked
  • Tyres reinflated
  • All exterior roof seals inspected and tended to
  • Regrease suspension
  • Remove & Replace Rear Bearing Seals, Split Pins and More.



we can service any caravan

We can perform annual caravan servicing on any make or model of caravan. Get in touch via the form on this page and we will be in touch with you to discuss pricing and service inclusions.


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